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Peace of mind for you and your family.


Protect your home & life savings

Caring for an aging or ill family member can be a challenge in its own right. Preparing for their future can be even harder, especially if proper planning is not in place.

Often, many of us put off planning for the road ahead because topics like
nursing homes, and wills and estates, make us uncomfortable. What people don’t realize is that not talking about it can cause serious legal issues that are costly and can impact any assets that have taken a lifetime to build.

As a senior or someone who is helping make decisions for a senior, it is crucial you work with an attorney that is an expert in Elder Law.

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Elizabeth Durnell-Maier
Founder & Owner
Durnell Maier Law, LLC
Elder Law Attorney


Proper planning today brings peace of mind tomorrow.

Founded by Elizabeth Durnell-Maier, a Certified Elder Law Attorney, Durnell Maier Law, LLC is dedicated to advising clients on a wide range of elder law matters. This includes assisting seniors and their families with avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, protecting assets from nursing homes and more

"When you ask most attorneys why they became lawyers, they will say because they want to help people. For the most part, we don't actually get to do that on a regular basis, but as a Certified Elder Law Attorney, I ACTUALLY do get to help people."

Within a 45-day period our mother went from enjoying her own home to being admitted to an Assisted Living Center. We knew zero about what was ahead of us. Attorney Elizabeth Durnell-Maier was recommended to us. We felt totally confident from our first meeting that she was the one to trust with getting mother's money protected months down the road! Elizabeth was very professional, knowledgeable, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this young lady!

– Barb Grimm

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